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At Emagineering Computers, we are equipped to handle all types of PC repair and maintenance services. Our skilled technicians excel in servicing Windows PCs and servers, offering efficient and reliable solutions for any issues to ensure your technology remains in top condition.

Experience matters.

With a combined experience age of over 50+ years in Information Technology industry, we know know a thing or two. We only select vendors that matter.

Quality matters

Combined industry experience allows Emagineering Computers technicians to diagnose, quote and recommend solution paths without delay. We understand how important it is to minimize your down time.

Trusted vendors

With over 50 years of combined experience, we only sell parts from vendors that offer exceptional quality.

No hidden costs

At Emagineering Computers we give you the exact repair costs. No hidden fee’s or surprises.

Quick turn around

Getting you back up and running is important to us. Typical repair times are between three to five business days, depending on the current repair volume.

Frequently Asked Questions

Relating to Personal Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Do you still repair Apple products?

We no longer offer repair, upgrade, or support services for Apple devices. For assistance with your Apple device, try reaching out directly to Apple’s customer support at 1300 321 456. They will be able to provide you with the necessary guidance and support.

If I provide the parts, can you build my computer?

Yes, we can do that for you. However, we’ll need to inspect the components you want to use to make sure they’re compatible and of good quality.

Just remember, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the components you provide are compatible and work as expected. If there are any issues with the components you provide, we may need to replace them with alternative parts, and there may be additional fees involved.

Now, the cost of building a computer can vary depending on the specifications, complexity, and components you provide. The time it takes to complete the build may also vary based on how complex it is and how many components are involved.

You will need to provide a genuine copy of Windows, or the build won’t be complete.

I was hacked or scammed. Can you fix my PC?

Yes, we are able to assist you. Many scammers employ remote desktop tools in addition to other forms of malware. We have the capability to eliminate any unauthorised activity from your PC. However, please note that this process is both intensive and time-consuming.

Please be aware that our services do not guarantee protection against future attacks. We strongly advise you to immediately contact your banking institutions regarding this security breach. It is also recommended that you change all passwords and promptly cancel any debit or credit cards on another device if possible. Additionally, consider investing in a third-party Internet security suite for an added layer of protection.

Due to the thorough nature of our cleaning service, all browser cookies and saved passwords will be removed from your browser and Windows history. You may need to reactivate third-party applications, such as Adobe or Autodesk products. This comprehensive cleaning process is estimated to take approximately 5-7 business days to complete.

The total cost for this service is $165.00

My Laptop screen is damaged can you fix it?

We no longer repair or assess notebook or laptop devices with display issues. Whether it is a cracked or damaged display, or display anomalies, we can no longer offer assessment services. Please seek assistance from the laptop manufacturer.

My Laptop battery no longer holds charge can you fix it?

We no longer replace laptop batteries. For a quality replacement, please contact the laptop manufacturer directly.

Still have a Question?

Our customer support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.