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Emagineering Computers offer service and repairs to computers of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you have a Windows PC, Apple Mac or a server,  our technicians are more than capable to assist with any repairs or services you require.

We also offer a full range of services for any device outside of its warranty coverage period.

Experience matters.

With a combined experience age of over 50+ years in Information Technology industry, we know know a thing or two. We only select vendors that matter.

Quality matters

Combined industry experience allows Emagineering Computers technicians to diagnose, quote and recommend solution paths without delay. We understand how important it is to minimize your down time.

Trusted vendors

With 50 years+ combined experience, we only sell parts from vendors that really do, offer exceptional quality.

No hidden costs

At Emagineering Computers we can give you exact repair costs. No hidden fee’s or surprises.

Quick turn around

Getting you back up and running is important to us. Typical repair times are between three to five business days, depending on the current repair volume.

Apple Mac Repairs & Upgrades

Just because your Mac is out of warranty doesn’t mean it can’t be serviced or upgraded.

Emagineering Computers are an Apple Authorized Service Provider with qualified and experienced Apple Certified Mac technicians who can troubleshoot and guide you on performance orientated upgrade solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Relating to PC Repairs, Upgrades and Vintage Macs.

I have a vintage MacBook can you upgrade it?

Yes. On a majority of vintage Mac’s we can upgrade your storage and memory capacities. Please contact us, and provide your device serial number so we can better assist you.

I have a vintage MacBook can you replace the battery?

Yes we can. If we cannot source a replacement from Apple directly we have a very reliable supplier channel who sell batteries of the same if not greater quality then a genuine Apple part.

Please avoid cheap Chinese eBay counterfeits. They are cheap for a reason. We see this way to often and had to make a note of it here.

My Mac fans spins really quickly all the time.

You may need to service your Mac. Electronic devices attract a lot of dust and debris from the environment. It’s natural that sooner or later the parts inside your Mac that are designed to keep it cool become clogged and start to become inefficient.

Regular servicing can keep your Mac in peak performance. This is especially recommended if you have animals or smoke near your Mac.

If I provide the parts, can you build my computer?

Yes, we can. Depending on the parts and system complexity prices and turnaround time differ accordingly.

For example. If you wanted a complete custom water-cooling loop you would be looking at around 7-10 business days as additional time is required for assembly and testing. Removing contaminants and air from the loop is essential to performance and longevity. Historically we have charged around $275.00 for such a complex build.

Please remember liquid will need to be drained, flushed and replaced every 12/18 months.

If you have a few parts and a simple heat sink fan or all in one liquid cooler turnaround time is approximately 3-5 business days. We would charge approximately $225.00 for such a build.

Please make sure you provide a genuine copy of Windows. If one is not provided, we will install an inactivated version for testing and validation purposes and wipe it before final collection is arranged.

Still have a Question?

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